Which come first, the Website or the Brand?

Posted on November 6, 2014 Under Brand

Cart before the horseThe answer seems obvious.

But recently, 50% of Brand Update RFPs we’ve seen have stated that the company’s website redesign or refresh is already in process or near completion.


You’ve committed to updating your Brand but you’re building your website BEFORE your update? How will you be sure that the site delivers a user experience that fulfills your Brand Promise?  How will you be sure that you are building a purchase path that leverages your competitive Brand Position?  How will you retrofit the site once you update your Brand with a clear purpose and engaging personality?  More importantly, why would you spend money building something that you will have to rebuild or retrofit in four months when the Brand update is complete?

As a company which believes that Branding is the foundation to everything a company does from product development to recruitment to marketing, we think Branding comes before every big change or investment.

So why the cart before the horse? We want to hear what you think. Please send us your ideas, articles, rants, experiences, etc. Here are a few of our theories to get you started:

  • Branding companies have done a poor job of explaining the value and the process of Branding.
  • Many digital companies don’t understand the power or process of Branding and therefore don’t value it or demand it as a precursor to their work
  • Looming immediate market needs overshadow a correct diagnosis of Brand health and the opportunity for powerful digital road mapping.
  • Your theory here…..

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