Survey Results – Which comes first?

Confused HorseSurprising Branding Survey Results: 100% say…

 Let’s dispense with the fanfare and cut straight to the juicy stuff from our small online survey of business people spawned by our LinkedIn Post, “What Comes First, the Website or the Brand?”.

When asked: Do you believe companies today put enough importance on training their internal team on the Brand before promoting it externally, Yes or No?

100% said, “No.”


100% said, “Companies do not put enough importance on training the internal team on the Brand.

But it gets even more interesting when you look at some of the verbatims from those who chose to elaborate:

    • None of the companies I have worked for even knew what their Brand was.
  • Their (Brand) training comes by the employee handbook or on-boarding that lasts 15-20 minutes.
  • They feel that it’s something that can be done anytime, and fail to realize how important it is that everyone on the team live and breathe the Brand.
  • They confuse marketing with Branding.
  • They do not even think of it!!


Among other results, the survey also suggests that most people believe that the Brand should come before the website:

  • The Brand comes first of course…Brand is King.
  • Without the Brand, your website will not reflect who you are.
  • You can’t build a website without knowing what the Brand experience is.  


It appears that at least two things are happening here:

  1. People are realizing that Brand is bigger than marketing.
  2. If everyone is responsible for living and breathing the Brand, some sort of Brand training or Brand immersion is necessary for everyone in the company.

Yes and Yes. High five. We agree.

If enough people believe this, then we have a chance to eradicate the confusion at the intersection of Brand Strategy, Business Strategy and Business model Strategy.   Companies can truly begin to understand the value that Branding brings as a tool for organizational alignment, energy and symmetry. So, CEOs, CMOs and Chief Brand Officers of America and beyond, there’s hope, and more importantly, what are you waiting for?