Product Launch

Why do 95% of new products fail and what can you do to beat the odds?

Clear Blue can’t help with poor product quality or timing issues, but we can help companies insure that new products fit the Brand Foundation, leverage the existing Brand Portfolio and enter the market with the best possible marketing strategies and materials. Whether it’s a new B2B service or a new lawn mower, we believe the foundation of a successful launch is constant.

  • Well-defined Product Position, Role & Promise
  • Clear & Suitable Brand Portfolio Fit
  • Intense Multi-functional Team Collaboration
  • Solid Metrics & Analysis
  • Compelling Communications
  • Complete Marketing Services
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

Bringing something to life for the first time is different from most advertising and marketing assignments. It requires boundless commitment and the agility to quickly change course as evidence demands. Clear Blue is uniquely suited for this work that often involves maximum pressure with minimum resources.

Our product launch experiences include:

Often used to field test a product before its full market roll-out, the goals often include final product refinements, communications/message testing, solid metrics to drive operational decision, resourceful distribution and channel penetration as well as other operational insights. Mini-market tests and the work that leads up to them benefit from a partner like Clear Blue who can take a SWAT-team approach.
We know how to work shoulder-to-shoulder with corporate innovation teams to make sure their baby gets the best possible chance.

Once a company is committed to commercialization, new product introductions offer opportunities that Brand or ongoing campaigns do not. Re-positioning the competition or re-defining a category are just a few of the strategies that can ensure that a new product launch reaches its full potential.