My Typographic Struggle

When I was asked to step in and write a blog post about typography no real mind-blowing type designers came to mind nor did any recent infatuations with new foundries so I thought I write about some personal struggles.

Lately I’ve felt like I’ve been stuck in a type-tunnel. I’ve been designing for a large corporate brand that is very steadfast on using one typeface. Surprisingly, this can be a little relief sometimes when designing. It’s sorta like the uniforms I was forced to wear growing up in a Catholic school. My teachers used to always say how we should be thankful since it was one less decision we had to make. Deep down I knew they were really trying to subdue my style. However, looking back they were right, I go to lay out this clients collateral and I know the typeface search is one less thing I have to allocate time towards.

Even though I may be constricted to the typeface this is only a small aspect of the design. This is where the designer must shine. Realizing where to position and balance the typography is the real challenge. Correct use of the design’s negative space and well-balance typesetting can work to direct the eye, set the mood and pace the reader.

Below are some examples of well-utilized space with type-based in layouts.

by Marco Bernardi

by Ozone Studio

by octaviopv

-Michael Stout, Graphic Designer