Make Your Headline a Head Turner

Every day calls for a headline, whether you realize it or not. You might not have received the glory of coming up with the headline used on the latest ad produced, but you sure did knock putting a subject line on that email out of the park. Whether it’s social media, emails, blogs, press releases or ads, an effective headline is a must.

At Clear Blue, we are accustomed to spending hours upon hours, dishing out every version possible until we find the perfect fit. This effective statement is what captures your reader’s attention, enticing them to find out more of what you have to say. Here are our top three tips to accomplish just that:

1. Understand The Messaging – The more information you can gather around the key message and purpose of what is being presented, the more focused your headline can be. Convey that message or purpose in the headline so your reader’s clearly know the benefit to come from looking at your material.
2. Short And Sweet – Don’t put your audience to sleep before they reach the good stuff. Keep it simple and to the point, while at the same time grabbing their attention in an informative yet catchy way.
3. Write It Last – Put the main material on paper first, allowing you to flush out all the facts. Once the message is in front of you, creative opportunities for a killer headline can surface.

Keep these tips handy for when the opportunity presents itself, and let the creative juices flow as you work to find the perfect head-turning headline.