Logo Redesign: More Than Meets the Eye

The marketing industry is continuously evolving. In order to stay on top, companies are often faced with a Visual Identity redesign. This includes the possibility of redesigning their logo to better fit small digital venues or presenting the Brand to consumers in a refreshing new way.

We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly across this branding strategy. Some logo redesigns are wildly successful across audiences, while others are a flop that can cause the company serious backlash.

We cannot stress enough the importance of the research and planning that go on behind the curtain of this process. The decision to do a logo redesign is not always an easy one, many factors come into play that are often overlooked or underestimated:

Brand Equity - How recognizable is your current logo? What parts of your logo are most recognizable and shouldn’t change? Do the gains outweigh the costs of a logo update?
Messaging – Does your logo currently portray the right personality and quality to your consumers? Would a logo update better represent your Brand as it stands today?
Testing - Are your new ideas the right direction for your company, or are your consumers attached to what you currently have? Can a logo update help you communicate a substantial shift within the company?
Listen - to your audience, pay close attention to the competitive landscape.


In years past, Clear Blue has been granted the opportunity to redesign logos for companies including Levelor, Char-Broil, Double Cooler, Bondera, Saber Grills and EquiFirst. When faced with this important branding strategy, Clear Blue has the tools and experience to ensure that your investment gives full return.