Let’s Talk About The Real Game

It’s no secret that this year’s Super Bowl was a flop on the field, but what about all the heated chatter around the commercials? After a couple days of everyone’s comments and fan favorites having time to air out, Clear Blue would like to speak our Super Bowl Commercial peace and how we fell in love with certain ads from a Brand perspective. Our picks dig a bit deeper:

  1. AT&T’s Beats Music – We are used to seeing the sleek, cool, fresh look from Beats that puts the product in the hands of the hottest musicians, athletes, and fierce icons in Hollywood. This ad demonstrates a shift in the Brand by talking to a different audience. AT&T and Beats chose Ellen DeGeneres, a comedian and female, to broaden their appeal. There was a spin on Beats’ Brand Personality as well, showing the carefree and funny side, verses their normal modern, cool-kid side. Wonderfully bold move, bravo Beats.
  2. Wonderful Pistachios – Just when we thought our fill of pistachios was complete, viewers got hit with a follow-up commercial :30 seconds after the first ad. The “let’s poke fun at branding” approach is pure hilariousness, but also reminds us what an advertisement is worth if the viewer cannot simply remember the product. If you hadn’t walked away from the first spot laughing about a pistachio, you sure did on the second one. Touché Wonderful, touché.
  3. Budweiser – Here is a company that truly knows who they are and what their Brand is about. The two Super Bowl ads, ‘Homecoming’ and ‘Puppy Love’, captured viewer’s hearts and respect for Budweiser without even showing the product. Budweiser never lets us down and never strays from what their Brand represents. Show us a Clydesdale, and we know we are watching an advertisement for Budweiser. What the Brand has accomplished by making a simple connection to their product is monumental. Cheers, Budweiser.

Check out our Chief Creative Officer, Robin Konieczny’s opinion featured in the Charlotte Observer: