Let’s Talk About The Real Game (Round 2!)

Super Bowl 2015It’s that time again; Clear Blue’s second annual Super Bowl Commercial commentary.  As marketers/ad geeks extraordinaire, our ability to overanalyze a commercial is uncanny.  First of all, excuse me while I grab a box of tissues! The common theme this year was “let’s see how hard we can tug on America’s heartstrings” and we needed a strong dose of football to keep the tears away.  With that said, the big game was a close one, but let’s talk about the real game (Round 2!):

  1. Chevy Colorado – For the first time, car commercials stole the show, specifically Chevrolet. This was one of the earlier spots so you might not have caught it, but if you did, your eyes were PEELED. If there was ever a wish to grab every single viewer’s attention, force a party to go silent, and wait patiently through an entire commercial…..this nailed it. The Brand stayed true to their typical ‘truck driving around a mountain’ approach, but for a few seconds they spoke to every person watching the Super Bowl.
  2. BMW i3 – Mind = blown, that someone resurfaced the clip from 1994 addressing the launch of the internet. It’s an everyday conversation now to reference how far we’ve come with technology, and the leaps and bounds that have happened over the past 20 years alone. BMW faced their radical idea head-on, acknowledging that it’s just as crazy as the internet was in 1994.
  3. Carnival Cruise Lines– Nothing like a company realizing they’ve lost all trust, and extending their olive branch. Regardless, if you thought the commercial convinced you to get back on a cruise ship or not, you have to give it up for Carnival for really making the effort in a bold way.

These picks might not be the buzz around your office, but at Clear Blue we always have our Branding brain on, and we like to applaud the companies that stay true to them.  Until next year…..Go Panthers!Addison's jersey of course!