Clear Blue Launches a Revolutionary Product

Every nurse knows that every second counts. Every time a patient comes in symptoms need to be evaluated, decisions on treatment need to be made and everything needs to be documented. There is someone’s child, parent or grandparent in the bed and a nurse needs to be on top of his or her game so the patient can get the best medical care possible.

Medical carts are supposed to make a nurse’s job easier. They should be designed so everything is at a nurse’s fingertips. They should help save time. They should move swiftly throughout the hospital and support a nurse through an entire shift. At least this is what the nurses told Rubbermaid Healthcare when they conducted research while designing their revolutionary new mobile nurse station.

It’s called CareLink and it addresses what a nurse needs to maximize time available for patient care with an easy-to-use-platform. Clear Blue was proud to help Rubbermaid Healthcare develop their product launch plan and made sure their sales videos were top-notch and would get people talking about CareLink across the country.

We partnered with DownHome Films and developed two sales videos to create buzz around this revolutionary product and help Rubbermaid Healthcare achieve their sales goals. Check out the videos here. Stay tuned for an announcement on the success of this project!