BAAAAHHH! It’s Spring!

Posted on April 4, 2014 Under Clients 0 Comments

The foodies here at Clear Blue welcome spring with winery visits, ice cream and lots of special foods. Yes, our work on food accounts often means we can actually combine work and pleasure and when we come across a tasty treat, we like to share. So our tip for foodies everywhere this spring is, Icelandic Lamb. Forget everything you think you know about lamb and read on.

Iceland is relatively pollution free and the lambs range free, grazing on willow and berries in the cold clean land of glacier-fed springs and northern lights. Sheep framing is a cultural heritage, rich with respect for the land and the animals, including the horses and sheepdogs that tend the sheep. Spring lamb from Iceland is shipped all over the world to eager chefs who treasure the meat for its tenderness and mild flavor.

Visit  to find recipes like: Basil and honey coated lamb crown roast with cumin black-eyed peas and basil pesto. Check out their website and new brochure – as you can see, they are proud of it. Cheers to you, Icelandic Lamb. Skál, baby!